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What Other Foods Am I Missing Out On?

I’m not exactly sure why it took until my early 40’s to have my first taste of fresh pomegranate but that’s how it worked out.  Tried my first one a week or so ago and absolutely loved it.

It was kind of a fluke how it even ended up in our kitchen.  I was Black Friday shopping by myself and stopped into Trader Joes to pick up a few things.  A bin full of them caught my eye so I thought, “What the heck.  I’ll give it a try.”

YouTube videos are how I learned to get into the pomegranate.  It really wasn’t as difficult as I had imagined.  Before I new it I had a bowlful of arils.

Pomegranate Arils

I popped a few in my mouth.  The juice tasted great but I wasn’t sure about the seeds.  Was I supposed to eat them?  The internet helped me figure it out.  They’re fine to eat.

Now I kind of like the crunch.  The rest of my family loves the flavor but could do without the seeds.

Friends have suggested mixing the pom arils with granola or adding them to salads.  I haven’t done it yet but I plan to try both sometime soon.  That’s right, we got a few more pomegranates all ready to go!

This has gotten me thinking about what other foods I might be missing out on.  I think the next food that I’d like to try is sushi.  Never had it but have heard good things!

What’s one food you haven’t tried yet but want to?  What’s one food you wish you would have tried a lot sooner than you did?

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Breakfast Pizza

Tired of the same old frozen, take-n-bake, or carry out pizza?  If you love breakfast and pizza try this homemade variation?

That’s right.  I said breakfast and pizza in the same sentence.  In our area there’s a couple places that make a really good breakfast pizza. It got me wondering if I could make my own.  Through a little bit of trial and error…  turns out I can!

Breakfast Pizza

Rather than give you an exact recipe I’ll share with you a concept.

First, you start with a pizza crust.  It can be a pre-made crust.  I like to use 2 of the the Betty Crocker mixes.  The kind you mix with hot water and let rise for a couple of minutes.

I press it into our rectangular Pampered Chef stone bar pan and bake until it gets lightly brown in a few places.

Once you have your crust it’s time for the the cheese sauce. You could use something like Cheez Whiz, melted Velveeta, or Ragu Cheddar cheese sauce.  I’ve tried them all and they all  taste great.

Ragu Cheese Sauce

Then you can top it with all your breakfast favorites.  In our house we like scrambled eggs, sausage, ham, or bacon, mushrooms, and onions. Hash browns are good too!

Top with some shredded cheese and bake until the cheese is bubbly and starting to turn golden brown.

Breakfast pizza is a favorite of ours and a Christmas tradition.   Yep, we make it every Christmas morning after we open presents.

Ever make your own breakfast pizza?  What’s your favorite topping?

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Fresh Cranberry Relish

If you ask ten different people what their favorite food is for Thanksgiving there’s a good chance you could get ten different answers.

Ask my youngest daughter and you’ll probably get one of two answers.  She’d either say her Grandma’s homemade rolls and strawberry jam or fresh cranberry relish.

I don’t remember having cranberry relish or sauce on Thanksgiving growing up.  If we did I’m betting it came from a can.

Fresh cranberry relish is a staple on Thanksgiving at my in-laws house, and like my daughter, it has become a favorite of mine.  The cool thing is it’s really easy and inexpensive to make.  A couple of bucks and 15 minutes and you’re done.

Here’s the recipe I use, modified slightly from the one you’ll find on Ocean Spray’s website.

Fresh Cranberry Relish


1 12-ounce bag of fresh cranberries (rinsed and drained)

1 Honey Crisp Apple

1 Navel Orange


Use a food processor to evenly chop the cranberries. You may need to do it in batches depending on the size of your food processor. Chop until the pieces are about the size of a grain of rice and put into a mixing bowl.

Wash, core, and quarter the apple.  Chop it up in the food processor and then add to the cranberries.

Wash the orange and cut into 6 – 8 pieces removing any seeds.  Next, use the food processor to chop it, peel and all.  Add to the mixing bowl and stir into the apple and cranberries.

Now stir in sugar to taste.  I start with 3/4 cup and add more if needed.

Cover and refrigerate.  It makes 3-4 cups and keeps up to 2 weeks (but you’ll probably eat it all way before then).  You can also freeze it.

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food?

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