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Tony Tries It: Pizza Waffles

Time for another Tony Tries It… where I try something you might have seen online and let you know my thoughts about it.  The first installment was Tator Tot Waffles.

For this next one I’m returning to the waffle iron to try out a recipe idea both my oldest daughter and I originally saw in our Facebook news feeds.  We thought it looked interesting so today we decided to give it a try.  Here’s a link to the inspiration for this post.

Pizza Waffles

Here’s what you’ll need:

Oil spray to keep things from sticking to the waffle iron

A tube of refrigerator biscuits

Pizza Sauce

Shredded Cheese

Pepperoni, cooked sausage, or Canadian bacon.

Pizza wafle ingredients

The original recipe has you putting these together on the waffle iron. Rather than risk getting burned we put ours together on a cutting board and then used a pancake turner to transfer them to the hot waffle iron.

Adding sauce to pizza waffles

Instead of mini pepperoni we used full size turkey pepperoni slices and cut them in fourths.

Adding toppings to pizza waffles

My daughter pretty much did all the work and delegated the picture taking to me.   Here’s one ready to cook.

Pizza waffle ready to cook

And this is how it looked 3 – 4 minutes later.

Finished pizza waffle

That wasn’t “pretty” enough so my daughter decided to plate one up like you’d see on a cooking show.  I’ll admit she made it look really good!

Plated pizza waffles

Tips and Take-Aways:

We all really enjoyed this and plan on making them again some time. Not sure if they exist, but garlic flavored biscuits would really add to the flavor.  If not adding some garlic bread sprinkle would be good too.

My kids aren’t onion fans but I think adding a little minced onion to the toppings in the middle would be good and add flavor.

My oldest preferred to eat hers on a plate like you’d eat a normal waffle.  I liked to quarter mine and dip the pieces in the extra sauce warmed up.

You could take this concept and adapt it to other things too.  Like tuna melts or sloppy joes.  They could be interesting.

All in all, we give this a big thumbs up for ease, taste, and fun.  Give it a try and let me know what you think.

If you ever run across something you think I should try be sure and let me know.  I might use it for an upcoming “Tony Tries It”.

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Tony Tries It: Tator Tot Waffles

With this post I’m introducing a new feature on my blog called “Tony Tries It”.  I’ll try something I’ve seen on the internet and share the results with you.

It could be a recipe, new app or game, tech tip, cooking technique… the possibilities are endless.  I’m starting with this:

Tator Tot Waffles

I’ve seen this cooking idea online a few times but can’t remember where I first saw it.  It could’ve been an infographic or one of those quick cooking videos that have been popping up in my Facebook feed on pretty much a daily basis.

The idea is this.  Instead of making tator tots in the oven you make them in a waffle iron.  I wondered how well it would work so I thought it would make a good first installment of Tony Tries It.

I started by pre-heating our waffle iron.  While it was heating up I thawed out some tator tots in the microwave.  They don’t need to be 100% thawed and you want to make sure they don’t start to cook in the microwave.  This will make them fall apart as you’re putting them onto the waffle iron.

About 25 tator tots work best with our waffle iron.  If you use too few tots you won’t get a full “waffle”.  It will still work but there may be a few holes in it.

Once the iron is hot and your tots are thawed spray the waffle iron with cooking spray and add the tator tots.  As you close the top use the handles to gently push it down to smash the tots.  You can do this a time or two while its cooking.

It doesn’t take too long to cook.  About 3-5 minutes.  I like my tator tots extra crispy so I tend to go toward the full 5 minutes.

Tator tot waffle

Use a fork and spatula to remove your tator tot waffle.  Be careful because it’ll be hot.  Really hot.  It’s best to let it cool for a minute or two.

That’s it! If you have a waffle iron and love tator tots I’d recommend giving this a try.  It comes out crispy and it takes a lot less time than making them in the oven.

I can see us especially doing this in the Summer months.  That way we can enjoy tator tots without heating up the oven.

Do you have any ideas for a future installment of Tony Tries It? Let me know what you’d like me to try.

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