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This past week my oldest daughter made a fresh fruit salsa to take to school for a class party.  Being a Pinterest queen, she found a recipe online and asked for my help putting it together the morning of the party.

I’m not going to lie.  I was a little jealous seeing the finished product knowing I wasn’t going to get to enjoy it.  She even made the comment, “We should’ve taken some pictures so you could’ve blogged this!”

“If you and your class like it we can make it again this weekend and blog about it,” I replied.

Turns out her class loved it!  There weren’t any leftovers!

It also turns out there were tweaks my daughter wanted to make to our original attempt.  She’s just like her Dad.  She loves food and trying new things… and she’s always looking to add her own twist to recipes.

Tonight I let her take the lead and we made this fresh fruit salsa again with her modifications.  Keep reading to see what we did!

Easy Fresh Fruit Salsa

2 green apples

2 kiwis

1 lb strawberries

1 quarter of a cantaloupe

1 Lemon

1 Lime

Fresh Mint

Cinnamon Sugar Chips

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Wash, rinse, and dry the fruit.  Now dice up the apples, cantaloupe, kiwis, and strawberries and place into a mixing bowl.

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cheap modafinil australia

Cut the lime in half and squeeze the juice from one half on the diced fruit and stir to mix.

Zest the lemon and mix it in with the fruit.  If you’re like me and don’t have a microplane to zest you can get the job done with a sharp knife.  Take thin slices of the skin without cutting into the white pith. Then mince it up finely.

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Do the same thing with the fresh mint leaves.

How much lemon zest and mint you use is up to you.  We used the zest of an entire lemon and the leaves from 3 sprigs of mint.

Serve with cinnamon sugar chips.

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This is more of a recipe idea.  You can take it and make it your own!

Want it sweeter? Stir in some honey.  Got blueberries or raspberries? Throw’em in.  Not a fan of mint? No problem. Leave it out.

This is an easy dish that is really light.  It would be perfect to take to a summer potluck or serve at a bridal or wedding shower.

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How would you take this recipe idea and make it your own?

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It was a busy night for me of dropping off girls at softball practice and then rushing to get to a city meeting. That meant I was on my own for supper after the meeting.

I decided to go the easy route and make a salad. As I was surveying what we had in the house to add to it I remembered when I gained a love for salads.

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It was when I was in Middle School. Probably 6th or 7th grade. That was the first time our family ever ate at a Bonanza Steakhouse. Even though the word “steakhouse” was in their name I don’t recall ever eating a steak there.

I was all about the all you can eat salad bar! It was my first all you can eat experience. You can imagine how cool the idea of unlimited food at a restaurant was to a pre-teen boy. I never realised how awesome a salad bar can be! They seem to quite popular among many restaurants now as well, and you can check out buy modafinil in bangalore if you have a restaurant that wants to bring something new and fresh to it’s customers.

There was anything you could possibly want to build the perfect salad… bacon bits, hard cooked eggs, cucumber slices, peas, olives, croutons, ham chunks, and at least 6 dressings.

I took a liking to ranch. Probably because the only dressing I remember having in our house growing up was French. (buy modafinil in mexico blogd if you want to be specific. These days the only time I go for French or Western Dressing is on tacos! It’s awesome on tacos or taco salads).

There were a few years where our family ate the salad bar at Bonanza with some regularity. Probably because it was the cheapest option for feeding two growing boys!

What was your first experience with an all you can eat restaurant? Did you think it was as cool as I did?