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What I’m Into Right Now – December 2017

How is it even possible that it’s time to write another one of these posts?  It seems like just yesterday I was writing November’s.

Yet, here we are.  Time for me to take stock of what I’m into and share it with you.

What I’m Into Right Now – December 2017

Bagels – My kids got me started on these recently.  They each have their favorite flavor. One likes raisin topped with butter.  The other likes apple cinnamon with plain cream cheese. My go-to choice is a toasted onion bagel with light cream cheese.

Hoodies – I love colder weather and hoodies.  They’re warm and comfortable.

On The Rocks –  This new album from country group Midland is awesome.  I’ve had it on repeat for a while now and will probably write a full review soon.

Smart Home Products – Over Black Friday weekend I used the remainder of last year’s Christmas money I had been saving on a Google Home Mini, a few smart plugs, and smart light bulbs.  It’s been fun seeing how they work together and what you can do with the technology.  I’ll probably be doing a write up on all of that too.

Heated Mattress Pads – I really don’t like getting into a cold bed and as long as I remember to turn on our heated mattress pad I don’t have to.  I prefer them to electric blankets.

What are you into right now?

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Easy Tator Tot Casserole

I like easy recipes.  I really like easy recipes that taste great.  Well, it doesn’t get much easier than this.  Five ingredients put together to make one tasty casserole.

Easy Tator Tot Casserole

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 pound hamburger, browned with 1 medium diced onion

1 bag frozen vegetables

1 small can cream of mushroom soup

1 bag of Tator Tots

What you do:

Spray your casserole dish with cooking spray. Layer the browned hamburger and onions, frozen vegetables, cream of mushroom soup, and tator tots.

Bake in a 350-degree oven for one hour.  Forty minutes covered, twenty minutes uncovered.

Additional notes:

I’m a big ketchup fan and love to put some on this.  Other people don’t.  But it’s good either way.

Below is a how-to video of me putting it together.  I optimistically called it a “family favorite”.  Truth be told, my daughters tolerated this recipe but didn’t appreciate it as much as my wife and I did.

That said, it is really easy to make and a favorite of mine.

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