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Tony Tries It: Grilled Frozen Pizza

Full disclosure here… I really should have titled this post “Tony Tries It, Again: Grilled Frozen Pizza”.  You see, I have tried grilling frozen pizzas one other time before but that time the results were disastrous.

I didn’t plan in advance. I didn’t research tips for grilling frozen pizzas and I didn’t pay close attention while I was grilling it.  What followed were lots of smoke, a grill fire, and one inedible frozen pizza burnt beyond recognition.

That incident happened several years ago and it’s kept me from trying it again… until now. A recent heatwave made me want to give it another try.  I love frozen pizza.  They’re cheap, easy, and taste great.  What I don’t love is heating up the house when the air conditioning is running.

History was not going to repeat itself.  This time before trying to grill a frozen pizza I did my homework.  Some internet research led me to the Jack’s Pizza website and their instructions for grilling frozen pizza.  It just so happened that we had two Jack’s Pizzas in our freezer; a Canadian Bacon and a Sausage and Pepperoni.

Armed with this new knowledge I was ready to give it another go.  I got the temperature on our Mr. Steak gas grill dialed into 400 degrees; the perfect temperature.

It was time to put the pizza on the grill.

This time I stayed close to the grill and followed the instructions… and this time the pizza turned out perfectly!

The cheese was all melted and the crust was crispy.  Crispier than it gets in our oven.  There were even a few small spots with a little char on it that I think enhanced the grilled flavor. It was a big hit with my family.I will definitely be grilling more frozen pizzas… especially when I don’t want to heat up the house.

Next time I will try grilling two frozen pizzas at a time.  I think there’s just enough room on my grill to squeeze two on there.  For this experiment, I didn’t want to push the limits.  After all, I do have a history of setting pizzas on fire! 😉

Have you ever grilled frozen pizza? Got any tips?

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What I’m Into Right Now – August 2017

Wow! Where did time go? It seems like just last week I was writing about what I was into for July.  Now, we’ve turned another calendar page and are staring straight at August.  That means it’s time for a quick list of a few things that are currently making me happy.

What I’m Into Right Now – August 2017

Cody Jinks music – When I find new music that I like I go all in and listen to everything I can find.  That’s been the case with Cody Jinks’ music.  He’s got an awesome bluesy, classic country sound.

If you aren’t familiar with his music I’d start with the songs Loud and Heavy, I’m Not The Devil, Mamma Song, and Cast No Stones. They’re a few of my favorites.

Learning from YouTube – I’ve written before about how I’ve used YouTube videos to fix things around the house but lately, I’ve been using YouTube to learn some things I’m interested in… both personally and professionally.  If there’s something you want to learn you should give YouTube a try.

Pokemon Go – Yes. I’ll admit it.  I still play Pokemon Go.  I started playing last Summer to see what the buzz was about, then one of my daughters started playing with me so I kept on going.

The game recently turned 1 year old and they’ve had some special incentives and tweaks to the game that have upped my interest.  As of this writing, I’m currently at level 32.Sweet Corn – I love this summertime treat and hope to be eating plenty of it in the next few weeks.  I might even microwave some sweet corn for a quick lunch at the office.

Convenience Store Apps – Depending on where I’m at or what I want I’ll stop at one of two convenience store chains in our area; Casey’s General Store or Kum & Go.  They each have a mobile app that offers perks to users.

Casey’s app has special offers and a game you can play to try and win free products.  I’ve been lucky enough to win several free drinks and a couple candy bars.  In fact, I still have 2 free 20 oz. bottles of Gatorade that I’ve won that I need to get.

The Kum & Go app also has special offers.  Plus, you scan it when paying and you’ll get your 7th drink free.  It also keeps track of your pizza purchases and you get your 7th one free as well.

What are you into right now?

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