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Weekly Verse – Talents

It’s been busy week at our house! My oldest had a big birthday and she’s dancing in The Nutcracker this weekend on one of the best stages in Iowa… the Civic Center of Greater Des Moines!

The Nutcracker Poster

It’s something she’s looked forward to since the auditions back in August.

Not gonna lie.  I’ve been looking forward to this weekend too.  I really enjoy watching my girls having fun and doing what they love… and my oldest loves dancing!  I’d say it’s one of her gifts.

I chose this week’s Bible verse for my daughter and all of the other dancers who will take the stage this weekend.  Can’t wait to see them all do what they love!

1 Peter 4:10 (NIV) how to change the ip address in phone profile essay example how to convert handwritten notes to text on ipad pro process topic essay how to write unmanagable follow source url hire someone to write my essay where can i buy resume paper influential essay here jobhoreca ruadd resume thesis antithesis synthesis writing levitra and blood pressure choosing a topic for research paper nursing essays online buy diploma russia cheapest viagra substitut phd thesis defense wГ¶rterbuch explain how to write an effective thesis statement graduate studies essay writers how to write cover letter for fresh graduate singapore how can i add an mp3 email attachment to my iphone music player english essay template post online resume sites “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. 


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Memory Monday – Totino’s Party Pizza

This past Saturday I was working on our meal plan for the week like I always do.  As I flipped through the grocery ads there was a particular item and price that caught my eye.

Fareway had Totino’s Party Pizzas on sale for 77 cents!  I knew the rest of my family wouldn’t appreciate it if I served these up for supper but I wanted to get one for the walk down memory lane.

When I was a kid Saturday night was frozen pizza night.  It was always my favorite meal of the week for several reasons.  The first would be Pepsi.

We didn’t get pop throughout the week but come Saturday night my brother and I each had our puppy dog mugs filled with Pepsi and topped with the cowboy hat lids.  I wish I still had my mug or at least a picture of it to show you but I can see it clearly in my mind.

Another reason I liked Saturday night suppers was for the chips and dip.  We usually had Anderson Erickson French Onion or Toasted Onion dip.  I was a big fan of those dips back then and still am today.

Saturday nights also meant that we didn’t eat at the table.  Instead we ate picnic style in the living room on a table cloth.  Again, the image of the table cloth we used most is burned in my mind.  It was white and yellow with some sort of floral border.

The entertainment for the night was what I’d now call some television classics.  The Lawrence Welk Show, Star Search, The Muppets, and Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters are some of the shows I remember watching.  By the way, Irlene was my favorite Mandrell.

The only frozen pizzas I remember having were Totino’s Party Pizzas. I loved these as a kid!  The crispy crust and diced pepperoni were my favorites.

By the time I hit up our local Fareway they were out of pepperoni but I grabbed a sausage pizza.  I needed to see if it tasted as good as I remembered.

These days whenever our family makes frozen pizza we’ll add some extra cheese on the top.  I opted to not do that to this Totino’s Party Pizza because I wanted to make it the way we did when I was younger.

The smell of the pizza baking and the way it looked when pulled from the oven seemed to be just like I remembered.

Totino's Sausage Party Pizza cooked

The taste was very familiar as well but I don’t recall the hint of oregano that I tasted in this pizza.  It probably was there but as a kid I didn’t know what oregano was or tasted like.

Not much changed with the crust.  It was still crispy as ever!

Are Totino’s Party Pizzas the best frozen pizzas ever?  Not really, but I’ll keep an eye on the specials.  For less than a buck it’s worth it… especially for the memories!

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Weekly Verse – Siblings

I originally chose this week’s Bible verse for my daughters. When you’re raising confident,  independent, and strong young women they’re bound to have a disagreement or two.

It always seems to intensify as we shift to the winter months. Perhaps it’s the decreasing amount of daylight, colder temperatures, or the thought of being cooped up for a few months.

Whatever the reason, I keep reminding them to be kind and cut each other a little slack.

The more I read this verse and thought about it the more I realized it was pertinent to more than just siblings. It fits for roommates, couples, coworkers… It’s just great advice for everyone!

1 Thessalonians 5:15( MSG) 

“And be careful that when you get on each other’s nerves you don’t snap at each other. Look for the best in each other, and always do your best to bring it out.”

1 Thessalonians

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