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2014 Goals Q1 Review

There’s just over a week left of the first quarter of 2014!  Can you believe it?  It seems like the year just started a few weeks ago and now 25 percent of it is nearly gone.  Instead of making resolutions this year I decided to make goals.

I thought now would be a good time to reflect on my goals for the year.  See which ones I’ve been doing good at and which ones need a little more attention.

1.  Pick one Bible verse to focus on and pray about each week.  I’ve done good on this one.  Each weekly verse has been documented here on this blog.

2.   Continue to blog at least 3 times a week.  I’ve been an overachiever on this one as I’m averaging about 6 blog posts a week.

3.   Read at least 12 books and listen to at least 12 audio books.  I’m on pace for this one.  So far this year I’ve enjoyed Kitchen Confidential, 48 Days To The Work You Love, and The Traveler’s Gift.

4.   Get up by 5:30am at least 3 days per week.  Doing good on this one too!  The silent alarm on my Fitbit Force goes off at 5:15am weekdays.

5.    Have a date night with my wife at least once a month.  Definitely need to step up our game on this one.  I think we’re a month or two behind.

6.  Have at least 1 family movie night per month.   Doing pretty good on this one… especially if you count Dance Mom marathons.

 7.  Have at least one family outing per month.  Doing OK on this one too  Took in the Lego Movie as a family and did a quick mini-vacation to the Mall of America.  Hopefully we’ll really get this one going once warmer weather hits.

8.  Try at least 2 new recipes or foods per month.  Failing at this one.  If you have a great recipe you think I should try let me know.  Seriously.  Send me the recipe.

9.  Make at least one networking phone call/contact per week.  I’m behind on this one.  I’ve made some but not 12.  Gotta get serious about this one in Q2.

10.  Drink at least 3 Tervis tumblers full of water a day.  I’ve had good weeks on this one and others that weren’t good.  I need to remember to log all the water I drink in the Fitbit Android App.  When I do I always drink more.  Maybe my cool new Tervis will help!

Tervis Fish Tumbler 1

Tervis Fish Tumbler 2That’s my first quarter review of the goals I set for myself in 2014.  How are you doing on your goals?  Didn’t set any?  It’s not too late!

What goals are you doing the best at so far this year and what ones need a little more work?

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Taking The First Step

A couple summers ago while on vacation my youngest daughter and I did a ropes course.  It was the kind where you are harnessed in and tethered from your waist to a track over your head.   Then there were all sorts of balance beams and ropes to walk across two, three, and four stories above ground.

While logic told me the safety gear would protect me if I fell… my emotions almost got the better of me.  Mainly fear.  That first step was the worst.  Shaky. Unstable. Truly frightening.  Step number two wasn’t as bad.  Three was even easier and soon I was having fun attacking every obstacle on the course.

I was glad I overcame the fear and took that first step.  It was a really cool experience.

I think there’s a parallel between that ropes course and life.  There have been times in life that I’ve overcome fear to take that first risky step and have been rewarded.  Other times fear has paralyzed me and I’ve felt stuck.

It’s at times like those that I need to remember the first step is always the toughest.  That sometimes the biggest obstacle is the first step.

Have you ever been afraid to take the first step? Did you fight past the fear or did it leave you stuck?

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A Class Act

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but I only need four to describe what I see in the picture Fred Hoiberg tweeted out after the Iowa State Cyclones, the team he coaches, won the 2014 Big 12 Men’s Basketball Tournament.

The four words that come to mind?  Class Act & Family Man.


The words he used to describe the picture, “My favorite starting 5!”

I think it’s awesome to see him celebrating with his family.  It speaks volumes about his character.  So many times society’s emphasis is on sports but here is a man who clearly has his priorities straight.

Thanks for the great season, Coach!  Good luck in the tournament!

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