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This weekend I was reminded that you can do something different and have fun without spending a lot of money.

Our family is getting ready to have family pictures taken and we’re supposed to meet the photographer at a place I’d never been before. To make sure we don’t get lost on “picture night” my girls and I decided to check it out this weekend.

We found the place easily!  It was only 20 minutes from our house. There was a cool observation tower there.  Only 50 cents a person to climb up 170 steps to have an incredible view of a lake, nature area, and farmland.

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I can’t believe such a cool low cost family outing was so close and we had never taken advantage of it before.  A return trip is in order.  This time with a picnic and a hike too.

Kind of makes me wonder what other low or no cost things to do for families are sitting right under our noses.

What are some of the lower cost things your family likes to do?

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If you’re like me you had some good times with your cousins when you were a kid.  They were the built in friends at any family gathering.

I remember putting on the toy gun holsters and playing cowboys and indians with my cousins at one Grandma’s house.

At the other Grandma’s house we’d roam the farm.  One winter I remember racing my Grandpa’s snowmobiles with my cousins.

I’ll spare you the details but I have cousins that range in age from a year or two older than me to around 25 years younger than me.

That’s quite an age difference!  It’s the reason that I know some of my cousins really well and others… not so much.

This past week I got to know one of my cousins a little better.  She’s 18 years younger than me so we didn’t have the benefit of growing up together.

She had work training in the area and stayed with our family this week.  It was fun talking about our extended family and our memories.  Even though there is a definite age gap we had some of the same experiences and memories.

My daughters really enjoyed having her here and getting to know her too.  They now have another strong female role model they can look up to.

This past week has really made me look forward to our annual family camping trip where my entire extended family gets together for a few days.

Fishing, boating, laughing, eating, relaxing… it’s one of my favorite times of the year!

What are some of your favorite memories with your cousins?