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President Trump Has Made Me A Better Parent

Say what you will about the man… or his ability to lead our country… but President Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, has certainly given parents many “teachable moments” they can talk to their kids about.

It seems like almost weekly my wife and I are having conversations with our daughters that all stem from something President Trump did, said, or tweeted.  

Here are just a few examples of the lessons that we’ve been able to teach our kids based on President Trump’s first year in office.

  • Profanity isn’t necessary and makes you sound ignorant. There are thousands and thousands of words in the world.  Skip the swear words and expand your vocabulary.
  • Calling people names isn’t cool and makes you come across as a bully.
  • Private conversations aren’t always private.  You never know when a microphone or video camera is running to document your true feelings.
  • It’s easy to get caught lying.  The internet, smartphone cameras, and social media make fact-checking easier than ever.
  • If you mess up… it’s OK to admit it. Honesty is the best policy.
  • The internet is forever. If you post it, there’s a chance it could come back to haunt you.  Even if you delete something there’s probably a screenshot of it somewhere.
  • Nobody likes a braggart.  Let your accomplishments speak for themselves.
  • There’s a difference between confidence and cockiness.
  • Two scoops of ice cream are better than one.
  • Nothing good happens after midnight.  Remember the “covfefe” tweet.  Yep.  Tweeted after midnight.
  • If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.
  • Choose your friends wisely.  Who you back and who you hang out with is a direct reflection of you.
  • Gender, race, religion, and sexual orientation don’t matter… we’re all human.  That’s the only label that’s important.

Whether President Trump will make America great again has yet to be seen… but he has made me a better parent.  What about you?

What are some of the President Trump inspired conversations you’ve had with your kids?

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Weekly Verse – Remembering The Sabbath

I had the week between Christmas and New Year’s off.  It was a fun, (somewhat) relaxing time.  There were many different events and parties to attend.  It was a week where if asked at any given time what day it was… that I’d be hard-pressed to give the correct answer.

Then it was back to work for one of the longest, short weeks ever.  Trying to get caught back up after a week off was stressful.  That’s one of the reasons I was looking forward to this weekend.  My wife having Sunday off was the other reason.

We made the most of our family time and her day off.  First up, was church.  Then, we went to a movie… in the actual theater.  It’s not something we do a lot so it’s an event when we do go.

My youngest daughter is a big Pitch Perfect fan so we all went to see the 3rd movie in the series.  It was a fun time!  If you loved the first two movies, you’ll love this one.  We had great seats because we bought our tickets and reserved our seats online days in advance.

After the movie, my oldest daughter and I had the first Dad/Daughter dance practice for the routine we’ll be performing with the other dads and daughters at their high school dance team’s Spring show.  That sure got my blood pumping and brought some sweat to my brow!

This evening my family enjoyed a nice meal… at the table.  Something that our busy schedules prevent us from doing as much as we’d like.  Now, we’re sitting together watching the Golden Globes.

Yep.  Today was a great day!  As I reflect on it I realized that one of the reasons that made it great, besides being all together, was that it was a day that my wife and I didn’t work… and didn’t think about work.

It made me realize that we need more days like this… and that we need to remember the Sabbath.  There will always be work to do and things to get done but we can’t sacrifice rest and relaxation just to cross another item off the to-do list.

Exodus 20:11 NIV seemed to be a great verse to go with the day and my thoughts on it.

” For in six days, the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, but he rested on the seventh day. Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy.”

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Memory Monday – Airplane Tour

I was talking with a friend recently about how much airport security has changed over the years.  About how strict it is now… and how lax it was when I was younger.

I shared the story of how my brother and I got a personal tour of an airplane when we were kids.  He was probably around 9 and I would’ve been 12.  My family made the 90-minute trip to spend the day in Des Moines.

My dad thought it would be fun to check out the airport.  We parked for a while at a great spot to watch the planes take off and land.  Then we went up to the terminal to see the action from inside.

I don’t remember any sort of security.  We watched a few planes land and unload the baggage.  My brother and I were fascinated by the experience.

After all the passengers had disembarked one of the planes my dad asked a stewardess if we could get a quick look inside the plane.  She walked us right down the portal and into the plane.

We got to go into the cockpit and sit in the pilot’s seats.  I was amazed at all the lights, levers, and gauges.  As we left the cockpit and walked back up the portal, the stewardess handed a pair of gold, plastic wing pins to my brother and I.  We both thought they were the coolest things ever.

An experience like this could never happen today.  If you don’t have a ticket you can’t even get past security to go to the terminals.

Do you have an airport memory from when you were a kid?

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