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Holy Week is upon us.  Like many Christians I’ll be spending a lot of my time reflecting on Jesus this week.  Thinking about what he did for you and I.  I’ll also be praying.

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One of the things that helps me focus is by listening to meaningful music.  I thought I’d share some songs that will be on repeat in my mind and coming out my speakers.

I could say a little about each song and why I chose it but I’m not going to do that.  These songs and their message speak for themselves.  I pray you’ll get as much out of them as I do.

If there’s a favorite of yours that I missed leave a comment and let me know.  I’d love to add to the list below and make it an easy resource to return to when you want some music for Holy Week… or any week.

Holy Week Music Playlist





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Earlier this week our school held it’s annual Spring vocal concert. Since it was for grades 5 through 12 that meant we got to see both our girls and their friends sing.

It was an excellent concert from start to finish. Queen’s “We Will Rock You” performed by every grade was a great way to kick off the night.  It was neat how it started off with just the younger classes to be progressively filled in by the upper classes.

I’ve written before how buy modafinil belgium that we know more people and that was the case for this show. It was fun seeing everyone perform.

One of the unexpected events of the night was a guy who sang a “promposal” to his girlfriend… but it wasn’t just him.  The high school choir helped out by singing along.  It was obvious they had prepared in advance and I thought it was cool that the choir director not only let it happen but helped in the execution.  BTW, she said yes!

The other kudos I have to give to the choir directors is the song selections.  The music was a mix of popular rock and radio hits that the kids seemed to have fun singing.

The evening ended the way it began… with all the grades coming together… to sing John Lennon’s “Imagine”.


Seeing so many kids excited about singing I knew I wanted that to be the topic of this week’s Bible verse.  Several verses would have worked but I decided to go with Psalm 95:1(ESV).

Oh come, let us sing to the Lordlet us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation!

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