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Another April Fool’s Day has come and gone.  Did you participate… either willingly or unwillingly?

I started the day by trying to trick my youngest daughter.  When I went to wake her I said, “Do you know where your snow boots are because we got a lot of snow last night?”

Unfazed, eyes closed, and half asleep she replied, “Yeah right, Dad. April Fools.”

After that failed attempt I figured my pranks for the day were over and I’d go about my Friday.  My oldest daughter had other plans.

About 10 minutes before we needed to leave for the day she said, “I’m gonna wish you happy birthday on Facebook.”

Here’s the thing, my birthday is in May.  Not April 1st.

“I’ll post a picture of us on Facebook, wish you a happy birthday, and we’ll see how many people get fooled.”

Turns out a lot of people were fooled.  My phone went off all day with notifications.  Every time it made me smile… and feel a little guilty.  Not too guilty, though, as I figured it was harmless fun.

That night I came clean in a Facebook post.  I wrote, “Thanks to everyone that wished me a “Happy Birthday” today! I’ll be sure and remember all the well wishes next month when it’s my actual birthday. My daughter was the mastermind behind this April Fool’s Day prank but I was a willing participant to keep up the ruse. Hope you don’t mind that we had a little fun.”

A lot of friends commented and thought it was funny. As far as I know no one was offended by our fun.

April Fools Day got me thinking about the number of times I remembered seeing the word “fool” in the Bible.  It’s quite a few actually.  Mostly in Proverbs.

I thought I’d pick one of my favorites to share this week.  It’s Proverbs 17:28 (NIV).

“Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent, and discerning if they hold their tongues.”

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There’s always something and someone to pray for but it seems that I’m in a stretch right now where my prayer list is a little longer than it normally is.

Lately I’ve been praying for my family, our schools, two fallen police officers (and those who mourn for them), a friend recovering from surgery, my Church, our country, and several other private prayers.

The list is long but I know I’m being heard and talking it out really helps… even if I get funny looks on the way to work from those that zoom past my car.

With an ever-present and growing prayer list, this week I decided to share Psalm 17:6 (NIV).

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