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Brighten Someone’s Day

“Never underestimate your ability to make someone else’s day!”  I’m not sure where I originally heard that quote but I was reminded of it last night.

suprax 400 mg for gonorrhea My wife works retail managing the women’s clothing section of a large outdoor store.   Yesterday they had a customer that they had helped before Christmas come back into the store.   He wasn’t there to complain.   Just the opposite.

He made a special trip back into the store to say thank you for the help he received picking out presents for his wife.   Everything fit her perfectly and she loved them all.   Wow!  That’s cool!   That simple act of kindness showed by that gentleman brightened several lives yesterday.

It is a moment I’m sure they’ll remember and may return to in their mind when having to deal with difficult customers.

This got me thinking.  Why as a society are we so quick to complain but so slow to offer praise?   Why can’t we show an attitude of gratitude every once in awhile?

I’m just as guilty as the next guy but I plan to try and change that this week.   Instead of asking God for what it is I think I need I’ll thank him for what he’s already given me.  I’ll look for ways to thank others and brighten their day.   Won’t you join me?

“Never underestimate your ability to make someone else’s day!”

1 Thessalonians 5:11 (NIV)  Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

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Smartphone Camera Tips

Got a smartphone?  Want to take better pictures with it?   Want to safeguard the pics you take?  I’ve got a few tips to get you on your way to taking better photos while you are on the go.

The first one is so basic that sometimes it can be overlooked.   Make sure the camera lens is clean.   Carrying your phone around in your purse or pocket is convenient but you could end up getting a smear or smudge on the lens.   This can definitely impact the quality of your photos.

Next, go into the settings for the camera app and turn on the guidelines.   This will give you a 3×3 on screen grid to help you line up your shot.


It might annoy you at first but after some time you’ll really enjoy using the guidelines and will notice when they are not there.


Another thing you should do is spend an hour just playing with the various settings and taking pictures.  The more familiar you are with the camera app the better pictures you will take.

Want to make a good picture even better?  Try a photo editing app.  If you are on Android check out PicSay.   It’s one of my favorites.

Once you have your pictures you want to make sure you don’t lose them.   That’s where Dropbox comes in handy.


The app and a basic account are free and you can use them to automatically have your photos uploaded to your account.   That way even if your phone gets damaged or stolen you’d still have your pictures.

Another app that works well with Dropbox is Dropsync.   You can also use it to upload your pics to Dropbox.  The main advantage it has is it lets you set power and connectivity conditions.   I have mine set to upload when plugged in and connected to wifi.   That way I don’t use data or power.

Google+ also has free and automatic backup to cloud storage.   You should check it out because it doesn’t hurt to have redundancy in your picture backups.

I am certainly no photography expert but with a little patience and practice I’ve been able to take some pretty good shots like these.

bee 2

20130723_174110That’s just a few photography tips from me.  Do you have some to share?  I’d love to hear them so leave me a comment.


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What Gives You Comfort?

What do you do when you are stressed out or frightened?   You turn to something that gives you comfort.   A favorite Bible verse, a parent, a friend; they can all give you comfort in a time of need.

So what gives you comfort if you are a kid at the eye doctor who has to get dilating drops that sting your eyes?   If you are like my youngest this morning you bring your stuffed animal, Snowflake.

She’d had the drops several times before.  She was dreading it and knew she’d need comfort.   She wasn’t embarrassed about that.   She recognized the situation and planned ahead.

I like how young kids aren’t afraid of what others think.  They don’t care.   If the roles were reversed my older daughter may have wished she had her stuffed monkey along but would have never brought him.

I’m not sure at what age or why we begin sacrificing our own comfort over what others think.   I  do know this.   When there are times in our life when we are in need I think we should all be more childlike.

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