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Same Verses, Different Perspective

Since today is Valentine’s Day I knew I wanted to touch on the topic of love.  There are so many different directions I could go on the topic, I wasn’t sure which one too take.  Like most of my writings a little silent meditation pointed the way.

Wedding Photo 3

I started thinking about the love of my life, my beautiful wife, and our wedding. It was a hot day filled with lots of great memories with family and friends.

Wedding Photo 4

You’ve probably been to many weddings where 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 was read.   We chose to have it read at ours too.  It’s the one that goes:

Love is patient; love is kind; love is not envious or boastful or arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful;  it does not rejoice in wrongdoing, but rejoices in the truth.  It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.  Love never ends.

I like those words.  From my experience it’s a good definition of love.  I decided to do what I always do when looking up a bible verse. I read it in several different versions of the bible (BTW, is a great resource to do this).  That’s where I came across this version from The Message:

Love never gives up.
Love cares more for others than for self.
Love doesn’t want what it doesn’t have.
Love doesn’t strut,
Doesn’t have a swelled head,
Doesn’t force itself on others,
Isn’t always “me first,”
Doesn’t fly off the handle,
Doesn’t keep score of the sins of others,
Doesn’t revel when others grovel,
Takes pleasure in the flowering of truth,
Puts up with anything,
Trusts God always,
Always looks for the best,
Never looks back,
But keeps going to the end.

Reading that version had me looking at it a whole new light.  It went from being a definition of love to simple steps to follow to stay in love and grow your love!

Happy Valentines Day!

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Save Money On Apps

I’m always on the lookout  for new apps.  Ones that make  my life easier or give me a little entertainment.   I don’t mind paying for apps. It helps support software developers which in turn could lead to more and better apps.

That said, I also like to save money and get the best deal possible. Fortunately,  there are apps to let you know when apps go on sale.

For the iUsers there’s an app called Apps Gone Free (Best Daily Top App Deals).  I’m not an Apple user so I can’t share any hands-on experience or thoughts on this one.  I can say that it’s free and has a 5 star rating.

If you’ve got an Android device and have read the Android Apps I Recommend section of this site then you already know about AppSales.

It’s great!  You can choose to have it give you a notification in your status bar whenever an app goes on sale.    You can even set a “wish list” of apps you want and it will notify you if they ever go on sale.

I’ve saved a bunch of money and found some fun and useful apps by using AppSales.  I hope you do to.  Try it out and let me know your thoughts.



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Week Verses – Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

I chose this week’s verses for my friends.  I have several in need of prayer.  Some are just “kind of in a funk” right now and a few are going through some difficult times.

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 (GW)

Two people are better than one because together they have a good reward for their hard work. 10 If one falls, the other can help his friend get up. But how tragic it is for the one who is all alone when he falls. There is no one to help him get up.

Asking for help is never easy but I hope my friends realize that they don’t have to go-it-alone and reach out when in need.

I also pray that I’m not so wrapped up in my own world to realize when they do.

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