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Aebelskivers… A Delicious Family Tradition

Every family has their own special memories.  Those things that instantly make everyone smile and tell their own stories.

One of those things in my wife’s family centers around a recipe for Aebelskivers.  They’re a traditional ball shaped Danish pancake.  You make them on the stovetop in a special pan.

Aebelskiver pan - emptyUntil I met my wife I had never heard of Aebelskivers but over the course of our marriage I’ve heard how great they are many times.

My wife remembers her Grandma making them for her as an after school snack.  One of her cousins won a blue ribbon making them at the Iowa State Fair.

Getting an Aebelskiver pan and making them is something my wife has always said she was going to do… but just never did.

A month or so ago I saw some discussion on Facebook between my wife and some relatives about Aebelskivers.  That’s when I got the idea to give a pan to make them to my wife for Christmas.

I emailed one of the cousins who said she had their Grandma’s recipe asking for it.  She sent it… but did one better.  She sent a scan of the handwritten recipe from their Grandma!

How cool is that?  I printed the recipe card out on photo paper and gave it to my wife as part of her Christmas presents… along with everything needed to make them.

We got busy and finally got around to making them today as we celebrated Christmas at my in-laws.

I have to say it was pretty neat seeing three generations (my Mother-in-law, wife, and daughters) in the kitchen making Grandma’s recipe.

There was lemon rind grating.

Microplaning a lemon

Flour sifting.

Sifting flour

And mixing…

Mixing aebelskiver batter

to make the batter just like Grandma made.

Aebelskiver batter

Then it was time to fill the pan.

Filling an aebelskiver pan

It was the first time anyone had made them without Grandma’s help and we weren’t quite sure exactly when to flip them… but we figured it out fairly quickly.  There were only a couple that came out to doughy in the middle.

Aebelskivers cooking on stove

My oldest daughter plated them up and sprinkled on some powdered sugar.  Then the moment of truth.  The tasting!

Aebelskivers with powdered sugar

Would they be as good as my wife remembered?  Would the Aebelskivers live up to the hype or would they be a let down?

I can tell you that without a doubt they were delicious!  Just like my wife remembered.

A few of them we even put a chunk of fresh strawberry in the middle. Those were my favorite.  I’m thinking sometime we might try making them with a little dab of jam or applesauce in the middle.

I’m glad this is one tradition that will live on in the family and hope that my daughters have fond memories of Aebelskivers just like their Mom.

Somewhere up in Heaven this morning my daughters’ Great Grandma was looking down with a huge smile on her face… and probably a few words of correction when my youngest sent flour everywhere using the sifter for the first time.

What food is a tradition in your family?


If you’re interested in getting an Aebelskiver pan of your own, this is the one we got.  It’s from Nordic Ware and came with a recipe book.  I purchased this pan because I was fairly certain it was one that one of my wife’s cousins recommended.

It worked well on my Mother-in-laws smooth surface cooktop but I think it will work even better on our gas range where we can control the heat easier.  Before wrapping it to give to my wife I put it on our stove and it fit our cooking grate perfectly.


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New Year, New Goals

It’s a New Year!  Time to reflect on the previous one and think about the new one ahead.

Maybe you’ve already thought about it.  I haven’t.  I need a little more time to lay out my goals for 2015.  When I have them all set in my mind I’ll share them with you.

I do know that this year I’m going to approach it in a different way… by setting goals in various areas of my life.

I plan on setting a goal or two in the faith category.  I’ll work with my wife to come up with some for our family.

In my quiet time I’ll be coming up with some personal goals.  I’ll also be setting some career goals… and some for this blog.

My thought process is that by tackling the top goals in each area I’m more likely to have success.  Get a few wins in one category and it will have a snowball effect in other areas.  If you’re familiar with Dave Ramsey this is similar to his thought process in paying down debt.

How do you go about setting goals or resolutions for your New Year? What are your top goals for 2015?

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Weekly Verse – Happy New Year!

Well… we made it through another year!  For some of my friends it was a great one.  For others, it was challenging.  For me it was a little of both.

The best thing is that ALL of us get a fresh start… two ways! With the New Year and through Jesus!

I wanted to find a Bible verse to reflect this fresh start and settled on Isaiah 43:18-19 (MSG)

“Forget about what’s happened;
    don’t keep going over old history.
Be alert, be present. I’m about to do something brand-new.
    It’s bursting out! Don’t you see it?
There it is! I’m making a road through the desert,
    rivers in the badlands.”

How would you rate 2014?  Was it a great year, good year, so-so, or I’m glad it’s over?

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