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Hello! I'm Tony. I'm a Husband, Father, Friend, Blogger, Country Radio DJ, and proud Dance Dad. Faith, Family, and Technology...this is what matters to me and it's what I write about here.

2015 – The Year Of Improvement

Recently I was listening to one of Cliff Ravenscraft’s podcasts. I can’t remember which one. He’s got several that I listen to. Anyway, he was saying how he gives each year a theme. For him, 2015 will be the “Year of Fitness”.

I was already contemplating 2015 and what goals I might have for it. In fact, I had heard Dave Ramsey talking about the 7 types of goals everyone should have. He explained that it was something Zig Ziglar called “The Wheel of Life”.

“The Wheel of Life”… 7 important areas of life that everyone needs to work on and set goals in. I like that concept! I’d say my “wheel” from last year was a little flat in some areas and overinflated in others.

I decided that for this year I would combine the idea of having a theme and the “Wheel of Life”. Doing this should give me a pretty good game plan for 2015.

So, what’s my theme for the year? I’m dubbing 2015 as the:

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If I approach all my goals and decisions knowing that I want to always be improving there should be some pretty positive changes in my life. If you are looking for personal development, then you can check out a personal Development Academy, in order to improve your communication skills.

Breaking down the 7 spokes on the Wheel of Life look a little something like this for me in 2015:

Career: I want to continue to improve my skills. I want to improve the quality of relationships I have with clients and coworkers. I also want to explore new opportunities and paths that may lead to an overall improvement in career satisfaction.

Financial: Together with my wife I want to continue to improve our financial position. We have made great strides to eliminate debt and credit cards from our lives. I want the snow ball to keep rolling.

Spiritual: This one is going to need an improvement in attitude on my part. It’s hard for me to admit but there have been times I’ve entered our Church with thoughts on my mind that seemed to be more pressing than worship. I need to improve my attitude and focus on the reason I’m there!

Physical: This is a part of my wheel that’s always been a little flat. Other areas have taken a higher priority. Improvement needs to be made in the amount of water I drink and amount of physical activity I engage in.

Intellectual: I want to improve the amount of books I read. I also want to continue to learn about blogging, podcasting, and online marketing. Starting a podcast to accompany this blog is a definite goal. To be honest, I want to give my entire online presence a boost, starting with a website redesign. One of my friends has recently recommended a web designer to me so I am intrigued to see what changes can be made to my website to make it look more polished so that I can reach a wider online audience.

Family: One area here that needs improvement is the amount of date nights my wife and I have. We need to have more. I also want to improve the amount of one-on-one time I spend with my girls.

Finding new activities we can do together is also a goal… as well as improving our skill in disc golf and the amount of courses we’ve played.

I want my wife and I to get our concealed carry license. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for awhile. Gun safety and respecting them is something I want to teach my daughters. This is would be a great first step. If you carry CCW, a membership at a concealed carry insurance is usually advisable.

I also want to have and tend to a garden. We’ve got the perfect spot and have had one before but haven’t planted one the past two years. This year will be different.

Social: I want to improve the quality of my friendships. I can see a few backyard BBQ’s this Summer as a way to do that.

Those are some of my goals for 2015. Do you have some? What’s your theme for the year?

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Noticing The Unnoticeable

I’m still surprised how lucky I was… and counting my blessings after a deer ran into the side of my car recently.

There wasn’t too much damage to my car.  A cracked quarter panel and a torn off side mirror.  It’s that missing side mirror that has had me thinking the last few days.

Deer accident damage

Without it there I realized how much I counted on it before now.   I would look at it often without even realizing it.  Now that it’s gone, I continue to look where it was only to realize it’s not there.

Missing Side Mirror

It’s kind of like when the power goes and and you still hit the light switch.  You’re just used to it being there.

I can still drive without the missing mirror… and a quick Google search said I’m still legal without it… but it’s challenging and it makes me a little nervous.  I’m extra cautious driving these days.

The good thing is that I was able to get a new mirror for less than $35 dollars thanks to Amazon!  Who knew they sold car parts?  I’ve got the new mirror and will get it I’ll get it put on as soon as it warms up a little bit.

Missing that previously unnoticeable mirror has got me thinking.

What else am I taking for granted?  Are there people in my life that are like that mirror?  Those I count on to make my life easier that I’d really notice if they were gone.  Do they know they’re appreciated?

If not, I need to make sure they do!

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So Long Christmas

I love Christmas!  I’ve written about it many times.  I love the traditions and having the house all decorated; the tree, the ornaments, the stockings hanging from the fireplace mantle.

There is one thing I like almost as much as having the house decorated for Christmas.  That’s the day or two after you take down all the decorations and put them away.

For me there’s something very refreshing about it all!  Everything gets cleaned and put back in it’s regular place.  You regain some space too!  Our family room isn’t the biggest.  Stick a 7 foot tree in there and it takes up some prime seating real estate.

The other cool thing about taking down Christmas decorations is remembering one last time for the season why each one is special… and knowing how excited you’ll be to see them again next Christmas.

Getting everything packed up and put away also marks the return to a sense of normalcy and getting back to non-holiday schedules and routines.

We’re about a week late taking down our tree this year.  It’s just the way it worked out.  My wife started the project this afternoon and I helped her finish tonight.  Normally, I like to put away Christmas decorations the weekend after New Year’s Day.

Are you happy or sad when you put away all your Christmas decorations?  When do you normally do it?

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