Android Apps I Recommend

In this article, I will be presenting to you a list of essential apps that I recommend every Android owner downloads. Those looking at making their own applications, whether for their business or just for general use, may want to check out mobile app development services to get started.

Apex Launcher The stock launcher on most Android devices is functional but if you really want to customize use an alternate launcher like this one.

AppSales This app has saved me a bunch of money. As the name suggests it will tell you what apps are on sale.

Dropbox This is a great (and probably the most dominant) cloud storage option. One of it’s best features is you can set it to automatically upload the pictures you take to your account.

ES File Explorer This is good file manager.

Flipboard A magazine style way to connect to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more.

Keep Are you the type of person that likes sticky note reminders? This is your app.

Mint Great way to keep track of your finances.

Our Groceries Keep a list of what you need sync’d between several phones.

PicSay Makes editing pictures easy.

Pocket Casts A great app for finding and listening to podcasts.

Swiftkey Better than the stock keyboard. Get the free month trial and see what I mean.

Tapatalk Forums are fun and this app makes them easy.

Tasker This app isn’t for those who give up easily. It can be difficult to master but when you do you can use it to automate just about anything on your phone.

TV Listings Need to know what’s on TV? This app will tell you.

Unlock With Wifi Having password protection on your phone is a must. This app makes it so when you are using a trusted wifi connection you don’t have to enter your password.

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    1. I’ve never had the chance to try it out on an iDevice so I’ll take your word for it. It is my keyboard of choice. I’m part of the SwiftKey beta program on Android. It’s fun to test out new features and see what works and what bugs they need to work out.

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