Memory Monday – Butter And Lettuce Sandwiches

I’ve admitted it before… but growing up I wasn’t a fan of beans.  There was just something about the texture of beans that I didn’t care for.  It really wasn’t that big of a deal because the only time I remember having them at home was in chili.

Funny thing is, I liked the taste of chili just not the beans.  As a kid, I’d strategically place the beans on my spoon and swallow them whole.  I also liked to dip the sandwiches my school served into the chili.

I distinctly remember our lunch ladies serving up butter and lettuce sandwiches with chili.  There was something about the cool crisp lettuce and smooth butter that offset the hot, spiciness of the chili.

Pretty much every time I make chili I remember those sandwiches and tell my daughters about them.  To them, it was a crazy combination.  They’re used to having cornbread with chili.  It’s a tradition we picked up from my wife’s family.

Not only did my kid’s think it sounded strange but so did any friends I’d mention it to.  It got me wondering if my memory was playing tricks on me.  Was it something my mind was making up?

I figured the quickest way to get to the bottom of it would be to ask the question on Facebook.  If we had these sandwiches surely some of my childhood friends would chime in.

So I posed the question in a post: Do any friends from elementary school remember having a school lunch of butter and lettuce sandwiches with chili?

The first few responses came in and had me doubting my memory because it wasn’t a memory of theirs.  One of my favorite high school teachers even asked her husband if he remembered it.  He was my 5th-grade teacher.

He didn’t remember them but offered a plausible explanation.  Maybe the kitchen had extras one time and served butter and lettuce sandwiches as a way to use up what they had on hand.

I was ready to accept that as the final answer and then the conversation shifted.  First one friend remembered them.  Then another and another.  A few said they loved them too.

My faith in my memory was slowly being restored.  Then a friend from church said his school served them and his family still makes them when they have chili.

That did it.  I felt like I could trust my memory… and it made me hungry for butter and lettuce sandwiches with chili.  Next time I make a crockpot of my famous chili I’ll make some butter and lettuce sandwiches to serve to my daughters.  Maybe after trying them, they won’t think it’s so crazy.

Have you ever had butter and lettuce sandwiches with chili? What do you typically serve with chili?

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Random Thoughts From A Morning Running Errands

Saturday mornings while my oldest daughter has dance class I have a little more than 2 hours to get things done.  Most Saturdays I’ll use the time to map out a family meal plan for the week and do the grocery shopping.

I did that this morning and made a quick run to a few stores.  Over the course of the morning, I had several thoughts.  Here are some that I thought I’d share with you.

Random Thoughts From A Morning Running Errands

  • Is Four Mile Creek really four miles or did they round up? Guess it does sound better than 3.74 Mile Creek.
  • Wonder what that jogger is listening to. Bet it’s an upbeat song.
  • Has anyone ever jogged to classical music?
  • Wonder what kind of samples I’ll have for breakfast at Costco this morning.
  • Given the negative connotation, why would anyone ever buy a white van?
  • The store doesn’t open for another 10 minutes. Why are you all herding at the door? No one wins a prize for being first into Costco and I’ve never known them to run out of something.
  • Dang! Who knew Costco had so many carts? Not me. 
  • I’m not judging, dude. Just genuinely curious why someone would buy 200 pounds of powdered sugar.
  • Christmas trees? Already?
  • Wait. Where are the samples? I was counting on samples. I’m hungry.
  • I need to try ordering groceries online sometime.
  • Who is this and are they really singing about catching fish in a pop song? (Turns out it isn’t about catching fish.  A little Googling made me realize it was Katy Perry in a Calvin Harris song and it was “feels” not “fish”… but I’m not the only one who misheard the lyrics.)

  • Whoa! Next time go a little easier on the cologne there, Tiger.
  • That same sized mum was $30 cheaper at the last store. Guess there’s plenty of markup in plant sales.
  • How is that movie rental store still in business? I can’t remember the last time I rented an actual DVD.

What are a few of your random thoughts from today?

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