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Minneapolis theme week continues with this picture taken at Twin Cities Premium Outlets in Eagan Minnesota.

Purple Prince Piano

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Review: Nickelodeon Universe At The Mall Of America

I was provided complimentary unlimited ride wristbands to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are mine.

Review: Nickelodeon Universe

The Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota is big.  So big that it not only houses over 520 stores but also Nickelodeon Universe… a seven acre indoor amusement park with 27 rides.

That’s right! 27!  It’s amazing to me how many rides fit into such an indoor space but it is so well designed that it doesn’t feel cramped. Just the opposite, in fact.  The skylights, trees, and plants give it an open feel.

My youngest daughter, age 11, isn’t much of a shopper so she was excited to give Nickelodeon Universe a try.  It meant getting to do something fun instead of tagging along with my wife and 14 year old shopaholic, older daughter as they looked for deals in the mall.

Nickelodeon Universe Wristbands

After getting our wristbands we headed to El Circulo Del Cielo… the ferris wheel at Nickelodeon Universe.  This was a great move and the first ride everyone should go on.

Nickelodeon Universe Ferris Wheel Selfie

It takes you up over 7 stories high so you get a great overview of all the rides Nickelodeon Universe has to offer.  This lets you decide which ones you want to do next.
Nickelodeon Universe View From Ferris Wheel

From the ferris wheel we spied the next ride we wanted to tackle; the Pepsi Orange Streak.

This was my daughter’s first experience on a roller coaster.  It was a fun ride and not too intense but my daughter didn’t quite know what to make of it.  She liked it, was glad she did it, but wasn’t sure she’d want to do it again.

After that we decided to search the park for their penny presses. My daughter has a collection and was eager to add to it.

Nickelodeon Universe Pressed Penny Machine

My daughter has always loved carousels so that’s where we went next.  We both thought it was cool that they had a handicap accessible space on it.  That’s something that we haven’t seen on a carousel before.

The Crazy Cars bumper cars are cool, as is the Pineapple Poppers bounce house, and the log chute water ride.

My daughter and I decided some of the other thrill rides Nickelodeon Universe offers might be a little to intense for us so we passed on them… but if you’re an adrenaline junkie I have no doubt that these thrill rides will have you laughing and screaming in enjoyment.

I was really impressed at the mix of rides at Nickelodeon Universe. They have something for everyone from the toddler, to the thrill seeker, and everyone in between!

Along with the rides, there are a few attractions like mini-golf, a ropes course, and zip line.  We didn’t do these on this trip but on the previous one my daughter did the ropes course and had a blast!

It has dare devils climbing and balancing up to 56 feet above Nickelodeon Universe.

Mall Of America Ropes Course

Nickelodeon Universe is a great option for a family like mine; made up of both shoppers and non-shoppers.

The staff is friendly and keep the rides going with great efficiency. We hardly had to wait at a ride all day!

You can pay to go on just one or two rides… but if you plan on spending the day and riding a lot of rides go for the unlimited wristband.  It’s your best value… and you can save $5 buy purchasing in advance, online.  The zip line, ropes course, and mini-golf attractions have separate pricing.

One thing you should definitely do is document your day at Nickelodeon Universe by taking a picture at the main entrance.  Sit right down and have someone take your picture.  You’ll be glad you did! 😉

Nickelodeon Universe Sign Picture

Have you been to Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall of America? What’s your favorite ride?

Memory Monday – Mall Of America

Today I’m kicking off my first ever theme week on my blog! It’ll be all about Minneapolis and the Mall of America.

My family just got back from a long weekend in Minneapolis.  We were there for my daughters to compete in their dance nationals. Along with dancing we had a lot of fun… which I’ll highlight here on the blog.

Look for upcoming reviews of Nickelodeon Universe and Sea Life Minnesota, as well as some of my tips for enjoying your trip to the Mall of America.

Since it’s Monday, to start the week, I thought I’d share my first memory of the Mall of America.Mall of America Interior View of Center Atrium

The first time I ever set foot in the Mall of America was a few days after getting married (not quite 20 years ago).  My wife and I didn’t have the money to honeymoon far from home so we planned a day trip to the MOA.

She had been there before but I had not.  It was fun to get away… even if it was for only a day.

I remember walking into the Mall of America the first time.  I couldn’t believe how big it was as! The enormity was made clear as we made it to the center atrium and I looked up at the 4 levels and back and forth down each corridor.

My wife and I had fun walking around and shopping at stores we weren’t used to.  I don’t remember buying much.  The only thing that left an impression on me was a pair of Birkenstock-like sandals.

That’s because the impression of a heart that was left on the sandals. You see, when our wedding party decorated our car at our wedding, they dumped plastic confetti hearts into the vents.

When we got in and cranked the AC on that hot June wedding night we were showered with those hearts.  It was fun and made us laugh.

Those hearts kept appearing for as long as we owned that car, even though we vacuumed the vents and cleaned the car many, many times.

I wore my new sandals home from the Mall of America and one of those hearts found it’s way under my heel.  At the time I didn’t realize it, and after walking on it for awhile, the heart pattern was forever imprinted into the cork sole of those sandals!

Have you been to the Mall of America? 

What was your first impression and first purchase there?