Weekly Verse – Listening To Understand

An uneventful afternoon for me was highlighted by some time spent with one of the interns at the office.  I always enjoy talking to and working with interns.  They’re young, have fresh ideas, and haven’t yet been influenced (positively or negatively) by the workforce.

My conversation with this intern was particularly interesting because he’s from Saudi Arabia.  I had so many questions about his home country, his life, and how he ended up attending college in Iowa.

I prefaced one of my first questions with the statement, “I hope you don’t find any of my questions offensive.  I genuinely am interested in learning more about you and your country.”  He assured me that he didn’t offend easily and in fact enjoyed a good discussion.

What I learned was intriguing.  Even though I’m roughly twice his age and grew up a world away from where he did there is a lot that we have in common.  I could hear the love and pride in his voice when he was talking about his Grandpa.

There are a few things that we disagree on but we didn’t focus on those.  We were both listening to understand… and NOT to respond or argue. That’s something that I, and the rest of America, need to work on and do more of.

With this in mind, I chose a Bible voice this week about listening. Here’s Proverbs 18:15 ESV.

An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.

By the way, I’ve never considered Saudi Arabi as a place that I’d like to visit but my mind has been changed.  He showed me some photos of his hometown that were beautiful and fascinating.

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Memory Monday – Looking For Golf Balls

One of the easiest and most fun odd jobs I’ve ever had was the few times I worked at the local golf course in my hometown.  A friend whose parents were members there got us both jobs during golf tournaments.

We were each given a golf ball retrieval pole and were stationed near a water hazard.  Our job was to hang out, watch the golfers, and help them find their missing balls if they went near the creek.

I was probably 13 or 14 at the time and liked the idea of making some easy cash.  If I recall correctly, I made $20 or $25 bucks per tournament from the golf course.  We weren’t allowed to ask for tips but we could accept them.  The tip money turned out to be better than the base pay.

When there weren’t any golfers around we could search for other golf balls that had been lost prior to the tournament.  We got to keep any that we found.

It was fairly easy work and it was fun talking to and helping out the golfers.  I remember thinking I was pretty cool at the end of the day riding my bike home with a bag of golf balls and a pocketful of cash

What fun odd jobs have you had?

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